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Originally focused on developing full featured HTML websites, we have grown over time and now we’re pleased to to announce that we offer everything from SEO services to targeted online Pay Per Click advertising with Google and Facebook.  However, we’re not stopping there.  As we move to become a full featured agency, we are rolling out more traditional services such as PR, Media Buys, Direct Mail and more.  Learn why more and more companies are trusting Top of Search for their website performance, but to develop a strong brand that drives sales!

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As our experience has grown, so has our company.  In one form or another, Top of Search has been around since 2004 and has always been based out of the Austin Metro area.

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Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

You know the overall social media mistakes most of us know to avoid; however, there are lots of other, less evident social networking blunders you also will need to steer clear of. I have assembled this listing of the most usual slip-ups I have seen in my expertise as...

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Jeeps of Yesteryear

Jeeps of Yesteryear

As June comes in to focus, we’re looking to fun summer cars.  And what better vehicle than the legendary Jeep Wrangler?  With the roof on or off, this vehicle is perfect for taking to the park, the beach or into the woods.  The versatility and ruggedness of this...

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Increasing Automotive Sales with Facebook Advertising

Increasing Automotive Sales with Facebook Advertising

1.  Influences wider audiences. We are now in a digital era where having a Facebook account is as important as having a mobile phone. Facebook has approximately 180 million users logging into the site every day. When you place your advertisement on Facebook, it is...

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